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Graphic designs, print preparation, contract proof, varnishing masks, paintings, canvas prints, digital printing, postpress

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Graphic designs, print preparation, contract proof, varnishing masks, paintings, canvas prints, digital printing, postpress

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Telephone48669873074 Email[email protected]

Lokalizacja: Warsaw, Poland

WELCOME. We are FILE TO PRINT based in Warsaw of Poland. We operate since 2017. In printing industry from 2000 year. We denies rumors about "sales drugs, yellow papers, depression" etc. Our owner, Tomasz Siniak more than 10 years, in XI.2007-III.2018 had a legal care on his grandma, which died in march 2018. Tomasz never had a criminal case for a drugs, he never was arrested, he have nothing to do with theme „siniak arrested in Warsaw”. There has been a crime of unlawful use of his image, personal and PLIK DO DRUKU (current name FILE TO PRINT) company data. About Tomasz and company has been spread a lot of false informations. We invite to cooperation advertising agencies, sheetfed printing houses, graphic arts companies, graphic designers and natural persons. WE OFFER PROOFING, PRINT PREPARATION AND PRINTING SERVICES FOR COMPANIES, AS WELL AS NATURAL PERSONS. The EU customers with a valid EU VAT number do not pay a VAT tax. The EU customers with a valid EU VAT number do not pay a VAT tax.

Certified contract color proof to A2+ size (17"). Ugra Fogra certification according to the ISO 12647-7:2016 standard. Ugra Fogra media wedge V3.0a. New 10-color Epson SureColor SC-P5000 STD pigment inkjet printer. Up to 99% Pantone Solid Coated Colour accuracy. Proof print resolution 720x1440 dpi. Fogra certified contract proof media 240gsm semi matt. Default profile ISO Coated v2 (ECI). Spectrophotometer X-Rite i1 Pro. ProofMaster RIP software. ProofMaster certify report in PDF file. Only original inks and certified media. Safe packaging tubes in price.

Varnishing masks, UV masks for printouts refining via screen printing, offset printing, tampon printing. Print resolution 720x1440 dpi or 1440x1440 dpi, print from the roll (17"), media Digital Transfer Film 165 μ. CtF film print quality. The film is available in two variants, for disposable (1-2 exposures) and multiple use. On special order - masks printed on reusable film.

Digital printing: personalized paintings canvas prints, paintings from photos or graphic designs (Adobe pc), paintings in frames, large photo prints, poster printing, pigment banner printouts etc. from sheet to A2+ size or a roll (17"), maximum print resolution to 2880x1440 dpi, Epson UltraChrome HDX inks for superior print quality, dazzling, durable effects.

◉ Graphic designs, print preparation services to offset or digital printing.

Method of reception:
- electronic shipment (graphic designs etc.),
- foreign courier shipment - surcharge for the service.
- free self-pickup in Warsaw of Poland (to be agreed), reception by customer courier, local courier shipment in Warsaw of Poland and close to the city, domestic courier shipment. 
Polish prices, from Warsaw of Poland to UK/Ireland courier shipment price cost from about 20 £
If you are from outside the United Kingdom, please ask us for the shipping costs and date of delivery.
Contact us!
FILE TO PRINT Tomasz Siniak company, Jerozolimskie Ave. 85/21, 02-001 Warsaw, Poland. Vat invoices.
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