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ZETHA MEDIA - Polish Express Media Group has been operating since 2003. Currently it is one of the largest advertising portals dedicated mainly to Poles living or trying to make a living in the UK. Thanks to the cooperaton with Polish Express weekly our portal contains not only the advertisements, but also the most important news for Poles in the UK.

Advertising on the website


Our banner advertising campaign will help you reach thousands of internet users who have registered on our portal. Contextual advertising can display to users with a specific interest profile and on the specific pages.


Mailing is one of the most popular and a very effective way of reaching the target audience. Our clients can prepare the creations themselves or send us the materials that we will use to create the newsletter. Before being sent each mailing is presented to the client for the approval.

Native advertising

Our specialists will also help you create other forms of promotion that may be more appropriate for some goods or services. By ordering multiple ad units you can receive a discount. For details - contact our sales department! For more information on advertising opportunities please contact:

Advertising department:

Phone: 0 20 8190 0441

e-mail: sales(at)



Dzięki zapisaniu się do newslettera będziesz informowany o nowościach i promocjach!

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